Tree trimming in Ward 8 starts next week

Beginning next week, Nelson Tree Service, CWLP’s contractor, will be trimming trees for the line clearance program in an area encompassing Veterans Parkway, Cooper Avenue, Dickinson Road and Old Jacksonville Road. For more information visit CWLP’s webpage on Tree Trimming. Here you’ll find info on who’s responsible for tree trimming- property owners or CWLP. There’s also info on different tree trimming methods, and advice for residents considering planting new trees.

To report trees or limbs in conflict with CWLP lines (non-emergency), call 217.321.1407 or email For emergencies and 24-hour service contact Electric Dispatch at 217-789-2121.

To report other tree trouble for those on City Right of Way and not in conflict with electric lines, you should contact the City of Springfield’s Office of Public Works at 217-789-2255 or

~ Erin