Springfield’s African American Heritage Sites Presentation @ Lincoln Library, 2/27/19

Engine House No. 5, circa mid-1960s: After demolition of the Eighth Street Masonic Hall in circa 1966, local African American Masons used the upper floor of this building as their meeting hall.

Next Wednesday evening, City of Springfield invites the community to Lincoln Library for a program titled Springfield’s African American Heritage Sites.

Archaeologists, Floyd Mansberger and Christopher Stratton of Fever River Research will be there to discuss their recent research and findings of fascinating histories and historically significant sites within Springfield, IL.

The two researchers will present slides and narrations, answer questions, and discuss opportunities at this event hosted by the City of Springfield.

Where: The Carnegie Room, Lincoln Library, 326 S 7th St, Springfield, IL 62701
When: Wednesday, February 27, 5:30 p.m.

Contact Val Yazell, Office of Planning & Economic Development director @ 217-789-2377.

This research has been financed in part with federal funds from the Department of Interior, administered by the INDR.

~ Erin

Related: National Register of Historic Places Thematic Survey of Springfield’s African-American Community, and the Central East Neighborhood, Springfield, Illinois by Floyd Mansberger and Christopher Stratton, Fever River Research, Springfield, Illinois

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