“I have known Erin for ten years and know her to be dedicated to our community here in Springfield. I was so excited to see her running for Ward 8, where we recently moved into. As she expands her campaign, I believe she will create a “buzz” in Ward 8 as she promotes her desire to be our spokesperson to the Mayor. Please review her webpage and FB page and see what I am writing about in her commitment to Ward 8. Go Erin!”

Jeff Regan, Springfield, IL

“Erin will be a great Alderwoman! She cares about our city and is knowledgeable about city government. She will listen to her constituents’ concerns and work hard. We will be very fortunate to have her representing Ward 8.”

Teresa Jones, Springfield, IL

“I’ve known Erin for over 14 years. She is a great mom, person and community steward. She is cautious and conscientious and will always put her constituents first. I’ve watched her coach, run school board meetings and raise her kids alone. Nothing scares this lady. VOTE FOR ERIN!!!”

Bissi DiCenso

“I am so excited to see Erin become Ward 8’s Alderman. She has a passion for Springfield that is undeniable, and will bring a fresh perspective to the city council. Go Erin!”

Emma Shafer, Springfield, IL

“Erin is the perfect candidate for Ward 8. Not only is she an outstanding citizen, but she is articulate, professional, and cares for the well being of others. She is so friendly and approachable. I have no doubts she would succeed in this venture. Erin is a world traveler and will be able to bring ideas that are outside of the box and she is the breath of fresh air that this city needs. Good luck Erin!!”

Rachel Hammann, Springfield, IL

“I have known Erin for 20 years. She is smart, conscientious, enthusiastic, and approachable. She genuinely cares about people and our community.”

Carol Sudman Webb, Springfield, IL

“Erin is smart, experienced with local issues, enthusiastic and committed to making the 8th Ward a great place to live. She would represent Ward 8 with professionalism and integrity.”

Deirdre Coughlin, Springfield, IL

“I have known Erin for approximately 17 years. She is smart, full of energy and wants what would be best for Springfield. Vote for Erin!”

Kathy Gebhardt, Springfield, IL